CSV/EXCEL Processing Tool

A CSV / EXCEL Files Processing Tool

A simple CSV/EXCEL files processing tool, which supports computing sum and match data.


  • The following content uses CSV files as an example.
  • Check out the video below for EXCEL file examples.image video

Input data



Load files

load files


Compute sum for a column. Support filtering on a column.

Add a sum task

add a sum task


sum task results

Data Match

Match data between two files based on a column. Users can filter on a column to rule out uninteresting rows.

Based on match condition selections, Possible combinations include:

File 1 should have the value File 2 should have the value Output Row
YES YES All columns in both files
YES NO File 1 columns
NO YES File 2 columns
NO NO Empty (invalid inputs)

Add a data match task

add a data match task


data match task results


Delete a file

Click the button next to the file name. All tasks that use the file as an input will also be deleted.

Delete a task

Click the button next to the task. delete a task