News Collection Website

Basic information

A website collects and shows news from the Internet, based on Flask.


  1. Categoried news
  2. User management (register, log in, password/email update, email verification, etc.)
  3. Column customization
  4. Atuo updatied news (everyday)


  1. MySQL
  2. Python 3.6.x

How to run


Change configuration in app/ 1. Change email setting: my_email, MAIL_USERNAME, MAIL_SERVER, MAIL_PASSWORD => It is similar with using a third party mail client to control your mailbox and then send emails. 2. Change databse setting: db_cfg (user, passwd) => If you want to use Chinese in database, you need to change the character set of MySQL to utf8.

Start server

  1. Install requirements: pip install -r requests.txt
  2. Create table in database: run python deploy in root directory
  3. Collect news from Internet: run python in directory spider
  4. Run the server: run python runserver in root directory
  5. Open link



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